Reunions Are So Sweet

...not only for their benefit, but to empower them to lead and mentor others in their schools, churches and communities.

A Very Different Christmas

We are helping anyone with a need - not just the church people - and this is giving us a touch into a lot of lives.

Pools and Leadership

After all that work, they were excited for some downtime at the pool.

Beans and Corn

"We are given beans we cannot cook and maize we cannot grind."

Meet Moses and Santos

Two of the biggest concerns of Moses and Santos are so-called “child-headed households” and the overwhelming educational needs in the refugee camps.

Hope of a Better Life

At least in South Sudan my children could go to school.

Our 10th Man

I knew I needed to talk to Marc on the phone that same day. I enthusiastically pitched him the next 4 tours we had coming up, all the while hoping (and praying) he would pick Georgia.

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