Redeeming Eden

The alarm was still, and small, yet deafening. It was a call that overwhelmed my spirit, my senses... and my sensibilities

Boxes Full of Sunshine

"Sunshine Boxes" were created to share the light of Jesus amid coronavirus darkness

Good News for Donegal

What part of the gospel resonates most for Donegal? Every culture, city, or person has its own fears, wounds, and hopes and we know the gospel addresses each one.

When COVID-19 Strikes

Every day I am reminded that I can control nothing, that I am totally dependent on HIM

Entertaining Angels

Hospitality is a big part of Dan & Mary Vissani's ministry, in addition to teaching developmental farming techniques through Foundations for Farming.

Truly Communing

When we visit the churches, we noticed maybe 10% of the congregation goes forward for communion.

More Than Fundraising

We don’t just raise funds, we raise prayers. We don’t just send funds, we send people. For us - this is a Kingdom thing, not a cycling thing.

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