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At New International our purpose is to proclaim Christ and make disciples globally. From our humble beginnings in 1989, New International has been committed to preaching the gospel by using innovative entry points into the communities we serve. Through building relationships within these communities, the gospel message is proclaimed and people are transformed as they grow in their walk with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We believe that our Lord creates each person uniquely. As God speaks to His Church, he also speaks specifically to each person and reveals His Call in his or her life. God has called and gifted us all for a specific purpose in His Kingdom. As we respond to His call (Eph 2:10) we join with God to restore His dominion on earth. He will see us through if we are faithful, not only the missionaries we send, but those who do the sending through their financial support and prayer. It is a blessing to send because through that process we are able to share in the eternal investment, pressing on toward the goal to proclaim Christ and make disciples globally!

We see God opening the doors of ministry in new countries and new communities. We are witnessing God's story unfolding as we have chosen to focus on ministry opportunities in five strategic areas:

  • Church Multiplication
  • Global Youth Ministry
  • Marketplace Ministries
  • Short-term Mobilization
  • Community Transformation

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