Sydney Goes to RAGBRAI

Sydney's summer was wild! Some last minutes plans resulted in a trip to Iowa...Io-what???

I love stories. I grew up with my dad telling stories every chance he got, even if he had shared it before – but it never bothered me. Hearing and envisioning a person’s experience and seeing their emotion as they share is beautiful. This summer, I had the opportunity to interview multiple missionaries and departments at the CGO and write out updates and stories for them to share with their supporters. With every story that I heard over the past two months, I tried my best to capture the emotion they showed me and invoke that same response for the reader. This posed quite the challenge. No matter how hard I may try, I will never truly portray someone else’s experience as accurate as it needs to be. Even though it was frustrating at times, I now know the gift God wants me to use for my own ministry in the future.

The CGO Team had some struggles getting their team picture taken!

One of my favorite moments would have to be the actual interviews. Some of the missionaries I talked to were so passionate about their work for God - you could tell from a mile away. Hearing how each one was using their unique gifts to evangelize was both inspiring and comforting. It opened my eyes to the greater purpose my writing could have in extending the Kingdom of God.

Closer...Those silly monkeys!

I would say the most substantial thing I am walking away with is my new-found knowledge of missions. I grew up in the church, but I was never exposed to missions. I knew missionaries traveled all around the world to spread the Gospel, but I did not know the true extent of it. After this summer, I have seen a multitude of forms ministry can take and have gained respect for those out in the field. Mission work can be on the other side of the world, or in your backyard. I think this finally sunk in when I met the people from Ends of the Earth Cycling. A cycling ministry? Really? Yes! I was invited to go to the oldest, longest, and largest bicycling event in the world with them. although this trip had its own trial and frustration, I enjoyed seeing ministry in action. I am eternally grateful for everyone at the CGO and the missionaries around the world showing me what it means to be a missionary and opening up new possible avenues for my future Kingdom work.


How cute are they?


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