That I May Soon One Day Return

The hope of so many Venture interns is to "soon one day return" to the places they have learned to call "home."

I think by far the hardest part of this summer was leaving. Being back in the United States is still very much an odd sensation. I’m home, however, it doesn’t feel that way after the experiences I had in Mexico. My last week in Mexico was filled with varying emotions from new adventures to teary-eyed goodbyes.

For starters, I had my l had my last few days at the office where I was able to wrap up some final projects and also have my final lunch break with my host brother. I also spent two days in a nearby town of Tequisquiapan on the Impacto Latino team retreat. Those few days I spent with the team was valuable in wrapping up my time spent in the office. It was a great break from the normal day to day in Queretaro and it also allowed me to spend some time in one of Mexico’s iconic “pueblos mágicos” or magic towns known for their distinct cultural flair and beauty.

I left from Tequisquiapan a night early in order to take a day trip with my host family to Guanajuato, a city about 2 hours away where my host mom is from. It ended up being a fantastic trip to take with my host family. I loved getting to explore a different city and learn more about my host family.

My final weekend in Mexico proved to be both rewarding and quite sad. I was incredibly blessed to have been able to form such strong relationships in such a short period of time. Throughout my last week, I was continually confronted with the care and love that I had come to know as I grew in my cultural understanding. I was surprised with a certificate at the Church I had served at, and afterwards, my friends threw a surprise party for me. It was difficult to say goodbye to so many people who have impacted my life immensely in the last two months and though I may not know God’s plan for my life, I rest in the comfort that I may soon one day return.

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