Pra-jaow Way-pon!

The end of the summer is always bittersweet; so much excitement for what comes next but so much heartache over saying goodbye. Read the Thailand team's final thoughts here.

How is this the last blog post of the Summer? It is hard to believe that two months have gone by so quickly. Earlier this week, we said goodbye to our family in Thailand and began the long journey home. Both happy and sad tears were shed along the way, but we are finding comfort in knowing we served well and that we will see them again. 

As we begin to reflect on our experiences this summer, we are encouraged. Even though we saw brokenness in Thailand and in ourselves, we saw God’s heart in so many ways. We witnessed His power, creativity, unconditional love, and His desire to restore all things to Himself. We both learned how to trust God with our whole lives and the lives of others. We cannot wait to share our stories with you, as well as continue to advocate for youth in Thailand and global youth ministry as a whole! 

While we are excited to be back, we are still missing our PYF family. To PYF, thank you for welcoming us into your family and for sharing your passion for Youth with us. To Hannah, thank you for sharing your home, your heart, your favorite things about Thailand, and your kitten. To Al, thank you for being the best mentor, listener, encourager, and friend.  

I am confident that Alyssa and I will carry what we have learned from Thailand into our next season of life, whether that be going back to school or preparing to get married. We are changed for the better because of what we have seen, and are so grateful. 

Pra-jaow way-pon (God bless!),


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