A Final Word from the Aussie Girls

Read the Australia ladies' final blog here!

This summer internship impacted Mia and Bailey so heavily. We will both treasure the time we got forever. The relationships we built, the opportunities we had to serve, the areas we got to grow, will forever be things we get to carry with us. We both walk away from this experience feeling humbled and so grateful for the chance we got to serve alongside the amazing team in Australia. God has transformed our hearts from this experience and gained a deep love for the people we grew to know in Newcastle. As much as we got to teach, we also learned so much from the Australian culture. The community we became a part of helped us become deeply connected while we were there.

The relationships that were formed will not be forgotten. We were able to meet up with one of the girls we met there and she happened to bring one of her friends with her. Even though the friend was a bit tense when topics of faith were discussed, we walked away feeling like we had made a positive impact on the friend and spend some final moments with the girl we had grown close to. Afterward, we were able to have a sweet conversation with a girl that we had been doing a Bible study with. She was able to be an encouragement and she felt open to share part of her story with us. It was a very sweet ending and a much needed time of community. Both of these opportunities was a reminder that these girls will be friends for life.

Moving forward, we both are open to what the Lord as in store for us. Whether that means staying state-side or one day going back to the Lord’s mission in Australia. We are thankful for the people who have supported them through prayer and through the funds that brought us to Australia!

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