Making the Most of Our Time

Read all about how the Australia girls are making the most of their newfound free time!

Over the past few weeks, the Australia team has adjusted to having to say goodbye to the public schools they served in throughout the summer, as the schools have closed for school break. Although we were sad to say goodbye to the classrooms we served in, we were given more time to build connections with people from Northlakes Christian Church.

With the available extra time, we have gotten to spend more time with the young adults. Some activities have involved playing basketball and baseball, and also simply going to coffee. These activities have allowed for the interns to be able to grow connections and get involved more deeply in their walk with Jesus.

Two of us, Mia and myself, have been able to do a Bible study with a young lady who has a hunger to learn more about the Word. This has been a privilege for us, and we have had the best time getting to know her!

Mia and some of the students she worked with.

We are looking forward to debriefing in Fort Myers and seeing our families soon, however, we are both not so excited about leaving the people we have connected with in Australia. We both have loved getting to know the lovely community in Charlestown and the culture of Newcastle!

- Bailey

Wattles are the national flower of Australia.


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