Make A List

Team Tanzania

Written by Tyler & Hattie- Serving in Tanzania

Every day holds so much. Cultural moments, learning curves, exposure in the tangible, external to the cracks of our souls.

We’ve started a practice of simply being grateful. We’ve desperately needed to. In complete honesty, it was born of sleepless nights with sick kids and being bombarded by the constant human tendency to live everywhere but the present.

Choosing to cultivate gratitude has illuminated all the good in our life. It has helped us to actually see the gifts, both little and large, that have been graciously given from above. So often we miss them. And it has lifted us up and out. It sets our gaze upward on His goodness and grace and lifts us out of self pity, discontent and hopelessness.

We have started to offer up our lists (of seemingly silly, small things) to Him. And to simply say, “thank you.” It has made all the difference.

Here are 12 things that recently made our lists.

1. banana muffins

2. laundry on the line

3. evening piki piki (motorcycle) rides with our family

4. worship in our mother tongue

5. little, dirty shoes scattered by the door

6. the color of Lake Victoria when a storm rolls in

7. family dance parties

8. prayer

9. fresh fruit; pomegranates, guava and sugar apples being the current seasonal favorites

10. a noisy banda (gym area where kids play at Mavuno)

11. Chia, our dog

12. time to linger in His presence


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