Community in the Home Office

Team Media

Written by Daniel & Bekah - Serving in the home office with the Media Dept. 


This Summer has been a time of quiet, steady growth. Many basic life disciplines have been brought to my attention throughout this time and have begun to take root in my soul. Outside of the actual ministry I got to do during my time with New International, I am perhaps most thankful for the simple chance to work a 9-5 job, steward a healthy work/life balance, and be responsible for tasks as menial as cooking for myself. These experiences have truly been the ones that have formed me day in and day out. The gift New International has given me of being able to do all these tasks within a thriving Christian community has meant more to me than I can fully articulate. It is as if through my time here, God has gently eased me into adulthood. It has built a desire in me for the regular and healthy disciplines of life. I cannot thank those at New International enough for how they have been my peers and mentors in this process. They have encouraged me to continue missional living, not just in the extreme contexts of foreign and unfamiliar countries, but also in the everyday reality of the mundane.


While we stayed in the US for the summer, there were many opportunities to learn the culture of the home office and of Southwest Florida. We didn’t travel to a different country, but we were able to use media to assist missionaries from 14 different countries. Their ministries ranged from farming to church planting to using libraries as relationship starters. I was reminded this summer of how important the body of Christ is for community and accountability. It was a blessing to serve alongside like-minded missionaries who are passionate about seeing the Gospel shared through many outlets. One of my highlights was meeting the amazing group of interns God brought. It’s encouraging to see God continuing to call people to Him and use different skills and passions to honor Him.


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