Lessons Learned

Team Germany

Written by Jillian, Trey, & Audrey - Interning in Germany

Jillian: Sovereignty of God

This summer, I got to see the Sovereignty of God on full display. Our ministry was one that didn’t allow for daily plans to be made. We could try to outline some general tasks and goals, but the minute someone walked into our library — our plans changed. I, personally, had to let go of my need for control so much this summer! By submitting myself to the Lord’s plans each and everyday, I was continuously being humbled and reminded of the greatness of the Lord. Choosing to forgo a small task on a to-do list and instead chat with a library visitor for a few hours wasn’t what my flesh wanted, but it was what my spirit needed! It’s a privilege to be used by Him to do His work on this earth. The small role I played in growing His kingdom and ministering to His people this summer will always serve as a reminder of how great our God is!

Trey: Spiritual and Relational Poverty

As I wrapped up my time in Berlin, I took inventory of what God has revealed through the various conversations. The consistent deficits I saw were in community. Many people lacked a close group that they were comfortable sharing their feelings with. Such a high expectation to be “okay” makes feeling emotions seem counterproductive, and it seemed as though many of those we encountered had this challenge. This relational deficit has deeply affected the lives of many who live in Berlin. Some of the people we met did have community, but the problems they dealt with were of a spiritual matter. In a widely secular world, it is difficult to have an opinion contrary to what the world says. Yet Christians, we found, seldom have other believers in these circles to share the harder emotions with. My time in Berlin allowed me to help connect local believers to one another and see God glorified as a result. It has been amazing to be a part of the 2000+ year-long story that God has been writing for Berlin.

Audrey - He is Trustworthy

This summer was full of opportunities to put my trust solely in the Lord. Upon arriving, there had to be trust present as I was immersed into a culture that wasn’t my own–surrounded by different customs, traditions, and languages. This caused a heavy reliance on the Holy Spirit, and necessitated leaning into God’s voice more than I’d ever imagined. As we were in the library, we had to trust God to guide us through various conversations with people from all aspects of life. It seemed as if God was posing the question, “Are you willing to follow where I lead?” He truly led us to the right people at the right time and gave us the words to say, which allowed us to evangelize through conversation. It’s been beautiful and humbling to be used by God in His plan for reaching the nations with the Gospel–and, for us, this began by asking questions and loving people in a small library in the heart of Berlin.


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