Crossing Deserts

Team Middle East

Written by Jordan - Volunteering in the Middle East

This past summer in the Middle East has made me realize many things. I learned that I can do things that I never thought I could do. That things I thought were scary or too hard, aren’t. When you let God in and trust Him, things that seemed difficult are truly simple. The Middle East makes the Bible come to life, it’s the place that the gospel originated from, where everything started. 

A new appreciation for the apostles and disciples is gained when you realize just what they had to do to spread the gospel. Crossing deserts in intense heat with no rain, or winters with unpredictable weather. The love they had to have for God and people to be willing to do that their whole lives, the dedication and faith they had to have to never give up. It’s inspiring but also incredibly humbling. There’s so much more that we could be doing, with how much access we now have to the entire world, how easy we can get around. There’s so much more.


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