English Worksheets and Karaoke

Team Thailand

Written by Micah - Interning in Thailand

As my time overseas has come to an end (for now), there are several things that stood out to me this summer. 

The first of which is the vastly different ways ministry can look like. As someone who goes to a Bible college where we are taught to preach the Gospel, lead worship, and do all of the Sunday school things, I had this narrow image of what ministry looks like. This summer, I learned that ministry in the Philippines can look like hosting a karaoke night for people who just need fellowship.

I learned that it can look like hosting a dinner for local pastors, just to give them space to talk and strategize together as to what to do next in their community. In Thailand, I learned that ministry can look like creating simple English worksheets for students. It can look like setting up a prayer room that looks like a fort. All of these things are ministry in their own way. Although I may have not been the person planting all of the Gospel seeds, by dying to myself and doing what God was asking me to do, God graciously used me to maybe be one rain fall in someone's plant life. 

Another thing that I could not ignore this summer is the calling that God has put on my life. For a few years now I have heard God's whisper calling me into missions. Now that I have completed my second internship cross-culturally, I am confident that I am to serve the global church with my life. I am super excited to see where God leads me as I start looking at different options over the next few months for what long term service could look like for me. So as I start this journey, please join me in prayer that God would open doors for me to serve him long-term overseas. 

In Christ,



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