Learning to See God Everywhere We Are

It doesn't always feel like it is easy to see what God is up to. Sometimes it takes extra effort and other times it is simply a matter of time. Sarah and Donny got a taste of that this summer while serving in Fort Myers, Florida.

Hello and welcome to our final blog! As we are finishing up the summer and completing debrief, we wanted to give a summarization of what God has taught us this summer.

This summer, God has been showing me a lot about His power. Donovan and I faced a lot of questions this summer. This summer was so different than what I was anticipating. I was struggling with understanding that I was of use here in Ft. Myers. And I was struggling with whether I was even capable of doing the things I feel like God has called me to do. But God showed me the last week of my internship that He holds all the power and that He is not limited by my talents or skill as a filmmaker. God’s will will be done no matter what I do personally. But He has invited me to be a part of the journey, which is like the most exciting thing ever!


This summer has certainly been a season of growth and learning for Sarah and me. While working with New International’s Child Sponsorship ministry, I had the opportunity to see how a ministry can effectively work towards solving the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world through reading various research papers and articles and by actively engaging in the work Child Sponsorship was doing at my time in the office. I had the opportunity to practice sermon writing by writing a message for my supervisor to give in future churches so to gain sponsors. I consider this excellent practice for whenever I get to share about my future ministry endeavors. Moreover, I had an excellent boss in Jayson; his wisdom in how to start a life in ministry and following God’s path for Sarah and I was invaluable to me. All in all, I think this experience will be beneficial as Sarah and I continue to follow God’s plans for our future.

Being in the office all summer certainly was not in our Sarah’s and my plans. All the same, we are more prepared now than before in knowing where our next steps as missionaries will be. Being surrounded by multiple missionaries who had once been in our shoes was a blessing and encouragement: we are grateful for the opportunities we had to further their ministries while also learning how best to enter in our own. We are preparing now to enter full steam into preparing for our future destination, which we will be informing more about in the near future.


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