Heart Language

2.6 million Deaf in Brazil have access to the Gospel for the first time in their heart language - Libras.

Out of the hundreds of sign languages around the world, currently only one has a complete translation of the Bible. In Brazil, however, New International missionaries Paul and Linda Fahnestock are working with Deaf Owned Translation “DOT” to change that. The Deaf community in Brazil consists of 2.6 million people who can, for the first time, watch the Bible in their heart language - Libras (Brazilian Sign Language). Translation teams made up of Deaf translators and hearing interpreters work together to translate God’s word faithfully and accurately to Libras.

Currently five books of the Bible have been published and are available on YouTube for the Deaf community to watch. Ephesians will be published in February, and Acts and Romans are currently in the translation process. The Biblia DOT app is also available, making it easier for the Libras Bible to be shared amongst the Deaf community.

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