Sharing the load and enjoying the ride - we need one another!

[Written By:  Pastor Jim Bush]

Retiring after several decades of ministry, Pastor Jim reflected on his time and shared a highlight of riding with us in 2015. 

I joined up with the Ends Cycling team for one day out of five on their Mid-West tour. They were on a quest to raise funds for two housing units for an orphanage for the disabled in Kherson, Ukraine. The day would be a relatively long ride (64 miles), and I was ready but apprehensive. When the cyclists split into two groups, depending on pace, I was planning on riding with the second group. Justin Hanneken, the organization and ride leader, told me I needed to ride in the first group. 

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up,” I replied. 

“Sure you can,” he said. “We’ll do it together.” 

As we rode 18 miles on U.S. 62 (something I don’t like to do), I was reminded of the strength of brotherhood and camaraderie. We took turns as the lead rider, taking the load of breaking the wind to give others the benefit of drafting. 

Toward the end of the ride I was all tuckered out, but the team did not abandon me.  They slowed just enough to keep me in the pack yet I still needed to exert effort to push forward.

I am grateful for these brothers who helped me when I was weak through their encouragement and their teamwork. I am even more grateful for the larger Body of Christ, the church, who together are being made perfect in Christ. Let’s share the load and enjoy the ride till Christ returns. We need one another!

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