I Have Arrived!

Anything is better than snow!

The first two week in warmish Florida. I mean anything is better than snow, cold and being stuck INSIDE riding my trainer in virtual London, right? When I left Iowa it was 35 degrees, and getting way colder with snow on the way! 

I flew out in the afternoon and had a layover in Atlanta. Not a fan by any means of that airport as it is a challenge with a shorter layover. Thankful for a couple hour layover so i could get supper. I got to the warmth of southwest Florida early January 5th. For me, when I land late at night, I can’t go to sleep right away. So I decided to unpack and settle down. I went to bed at 2:30 in the morning! 

When I woke up on the 5th my main objective was to eat breakfast and figure out bicycle assembly. Bike assembly is a love-hate relationship. I love it, but it doesn’t always agree with me. This time however I actually did fairly well with it and had only one issue that I found on my shake down ride. I was incredibly thankful for the job my local bike shop in Iowa did with disassembly. 

My first ride down here was Sanibel Island with the Indiana University Christian Student Fellowship cycling team! Fun day on the island with a Florida delicacy afterwards…a pub-sub from Publix. 






The following week, I began getting in the groove at the office and figuring out google calendars with a couple bike rides to shake the legs out! After all, THE Key West bike ride is coming up on us! January in Florida is gorgeous! 

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