Finding Rhythm in the Challenges

All I could do was ride my bike!

Where has the time gone? I have been in sunny Southwest Florida for FIVE weeks now! Time flies when you are having a lot of fun, they say! 

The last few weeks since I blogged last have been physically rewarding but mentally challenging! I have finally found a rhythm with my cycling training for the March Key West bike ride. Riding for me is not only a fun passion but also a means for me to release stress. When I ride I like to push my body to the limits. I ride so I can eat that extra pork chop or piece of pie. When I came down to Florida in January I had a decent amount of routes from previous experiences down here so I felt confident in my navigation ability, or so I thought. Mr. Construction cones were all over. I have three to five different routes that I like to choose from, mileage varies from 23 to 62 miles depending on time frame and workout goals. 

The last week has been particularly challenging for my spiritual walk as I for the first time ever had to quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I did not get it but I was exposed to it. This was particularly challenging for me as I am an extrovert and an external processor, so being alone was not fun!!!! All I could do was ride my bike and be outside, fair enough, I will happily do that! I rode my bike solo Thursday, went boating Friday, rode with friends Saturday and resumed life as normal on Sunday with church. This particular battle of spiritual warfare was kind of rewarding looking back on it. I have a new appreciation for those introverts. I also have a new appreciation for people in other countries who have endured quarantine for long periods of time. In the five days I quarantined and certain  activities did not keep me occupied like reading my Bible and listening to music. I spent a fair amount of thinking and praying over the last week. 

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