Josh serves New International in the Media Dept. as a Designer and Photographer.

Serving in:

  • United States

Ministry focus:

  • Media Ministry
with image description Since 2015
Joshua Walker

Josh was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida, and has faithfully served with New International as a missionary for over ten years. From 2008 to 2015, he worked with New International's Media Department to support the 200+ missionaries serving worldwide. Josh is a professional at using digital and printed materials to present the story of God's mission around the world. Josh designed and printed hundreds of fliers, banners, newsletters, and so much more every year, sharing God's glory with the masses.

From 2015 to 2020, Josh served with Ends of the Earth Cycling as their Lead Designer and Photographer, sharing God's glory through digital and print materials, and capturing great moments on camera during various Ends Cycling tours.

Now, Josh is back the New International's Media Department, serving not just Ends Cycling, but the whole mission with his gifting in digital design and photography.

Josh continues to be a vital part of telling the story of how God is working through the nations to call all people to redemption! To God be the glory!

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