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Sophia Amarillo SE Asia 2023

Sophia is working towards her Master's of Public Policy degree at the Pennsylvania State University, where she attended undergrad.

This summer, she has the wonderful opportunity to work for God's kingdom through Venture Internships with a business in SE Asia. Sometime around 2020-2021, Sophia started uncovering a passion for immigrants and their experiences, and through reading some of the Old Testament, was encouraged by God's heart for foreigners and sojourners. She hopes to focus on immigration policy through her Master's and is delighted that God is opening a door for her to work, a company that is working to provide entrepreneurial development to migrants in Southeast Asia and now expanding to the States.

She hopes this is a summer of developing her skills and gifts, lots of spiritual growth, and deepening her love for God through his love for people!

Thank you for choosing to support Sophia!

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