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Stephen's Home – Snow Room

$1070 - For these first 5 years

this includes initial, upstart expenses to meet the needs of these young men

Victor or Vitya

He's one of two young men that will be in Stephen's Home that have Cerebral Palsy. He's a big guy, a big teddy bear. I know for some, the pasly can become more progressive as a person ages. Over the past ten years of knowing Vitya, it's been a constant that his palsy's been quite severve, physically. But Vitya's mind is sharp. He has a few friends who take the time to help him communicate, as speech is one of his biggest challenges. He is in a wheel chair most of the time as his legs are crippled.

Vitya has a strong desire to learn and grow, but like many of his peers, that opportunity has never been offered to him. With a computer and programs to insire, we will be able to open his mind and offer him the world His Maker has created. What will be extra special is that our project manager, Maxim, who is also and IT Specialist, will be willing to enable Vitya, and other guys in the home, to learn in a way and manner that's best for them. Special programs and hand tools will be needed for Vitya as his motor skills are not refined. He is able to do most everything for himself, yet humble enough to ask for help when he needs it.

Vitya's close friend, Yura

Yura is a child in a man's body.

His favorite color is yellow.

He enjoys singing songs as a group and grins so big.

He loves to have his back scratched, a need for consistant, loving physical touch that's been long neglected.

He know when he's loved and he recognizes, very clearly, when love is not directed toward him. I won't forget the first time we went to to visit him after he'd been moved from the orphanage in Oleshky to Dnipriany. We all were required to wear white medical coats, that first visit, which emphasized the sterile environment the guys were required to live in. The four guys, including Yura, who had been moved together were in the room with us and Yura had tears just pooring down his face. He said,

"I wasn't suppose to be moved here, I'm suppose to be in a better place."

This cry of a young man who's heart was broken has been one of the driving forces behind getting Stephen's Home completed. We desire for him, for whatever amount of time God gives him here on this earth, a "better place" where love and compassion are freely given. Where friendships are reunited and given the opportunity to grow and flourish. He'll be rooming with his best friend, hopefully the best place to start.

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