This room will be for five young men, four of them wheelchair bound, three of them named Sasha, two who are true orphans, one as our oldest in the home.

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  • Living, loving and caring for orphans, as Christ loves through us
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Stephen's Home – Safari Room

Sponsor Sasha D, Artem, Sash B, Kyrylo, Sasha D

20 sponsors each, $30 per month

this includes initial, upstart expenses to meet the needs of these young men

Artem - the oldest in the group now living in Ushkolka

Artem is a sweet young man, 28 years of age now, he was moved out of the orphanage within the first year or so after I began working with the teens full-time in 2008. He was at our very first picnic, I remeber the thrill on his face, simply enjoying being in a park, out doors, having fun. This simple pleasure has been rare in his life. When he turned 18, he was moved to Kahovka, where Oksana has also resided. This change of location was not a good one for Artem.

He lived in a room with 3 older men who did not appreciate Artem, they don't even try. He desired to learn and asked questions of others, as he's rarely had an opportunity to be in classroom. He was shunned, by them and others. When in the cafeteria he'd be asked to sit else where. The simple relationship of friendship had only been offered to him by Oksana.

The head medical staff decided Artem did not belong there, so he was released and put in a another institution in the village of Ushkolka.

In February we made the trip to see our buddy. The delight on Artem's face when he saw us through the window was worth every kilometer of bumps and potholes along the way. Seeing we had brought gifts for Artem, the social worker there asked would we consider doing so next time for the other young men too. I can't help but believe that the Lord has given us an open door, through this gal, so when the time comes to move Artem to a better place, Stephen's Home, she will be in favor of this decision. Artem did share, amidst his excitement, that his roommate is older but helpful to him. He appreared to be healthier, filled out some, so we are prayerful, that until we can move him, Artem is where God has placed him.

One important note about Artem, he loves Jesus, reads his Bible, please pray with and for him.

Kyrylo - Living in Kiary

Kyrylo was moved to the Oleshky orpanage as a young teen, so it took quite a bit of time for him to adjust to life. It wasn't too many years later that he knew he was getting close to 18 years of age and would have to be moved again to an adult institution. Despite many days and months of trying to become as independant as possible so he could be moved to the best option, Kahovka, Kyrylo was told "NO". He did not meet their standard and was shipped off to Kiary. 

Kyrylo has shared many tears with us over the years, desparatly wanting to know he is loved and cared about. Our last visit to the men's institution in Kiary, we knew he'd celebrated birthday as we could not let that fact go unoticed. We'd brought MP3 players to give as gifts, containing sermons, Christian books, music and an audio Bible. When Kyrylo asked what we'd gifted and found out he shouted at the top of his lungs "I have my first MP3 player" over and over. He made us all laugh with joy.

Sasha B - Now in Dnipriany, is quite the character

Sasha is a guy with Cerebral Palsy and though he's a man of few words, he's very expessive. Like many others with palsy, speech takes all his focused effort to formulate words and most people don't have time to wait patiently to listen. Once Sasha's in Stephen's Home with a computer in front of him he's going to be talking a mile a minute an it's going to take quite and effort to slow him down. 

At the orphanage in Oleshky, Sasha was placed in a group, surrounded by little guys, close to half his age. I stared working with him just a few years before he was moved out to Dnipriany and found out he's quite intellegant. But Sasha has also learned to play dumb, as so many have assumed that of him his whole life. Below that initial surface he's quite the treasure, just waiting to be discovered.

Sasha D - One of two still at the orphanage in Oleshky

Sasha is one of the first guys that came to join in with the teen girls, when I first started working at the orphange 11 years ago. He was hungry for love and meaningful attention. Though my capabilities at that time were very limited, he understood and responded to what little I was able to offer weekly through my visits. 

Today, Sasha is a young man who continues to desire to be cared for. He's desires to learn and is very creative. As many of you have seen the work Oksana has done with quilling. Sasha participated in many of the same classes with Oksana and has excelled in making 3D pieces of artwork with the paper and some beautiful peices of flat artwork too. I have a feeling if given other opportunities, Sasha would jump at them and do very well. Life in the orphanage can be rather mundane, he's ready for change.

Sasha D -The other Sasha, of two, still at the orphanage in Oleshky

Sasha is newer to the orphanage in Oleshky, and since his arrival, staff have been trying furvently to figure out how to care for his furture because the government declared him incapable, but other than being a slow learner, Sasha is a very capable, helpful young man. He's gone to school and received and education and having had him in my own home on a number of occassions, I've learned he loves the Lord.

He's very quite, but very ambitious too. He wants to become a construction worker, either in building houses or roads and if that's not an option than he wants to get an education so he can become a car mechanic. As much as the world looks at these guys and sees a mind that has no potential, they simply need to scratch beneath the surface and learn that guys like Sasha have great ambitions to become someone who matters and can help out in the community they are a part of. Just give them the opportunity.

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