Rutherford is impacting the lives of orphans and youth in Malawi.

Serving in:

  • Malawi

Ministry focus:

  • Youth and orphan care
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Rutherford Banda

Rutherford attended Teen Mission Bible School in Malawi and in Florida, graduating with a B.A. in Theology. He went on to teach seminary for four years, specializing in Church History and Evangelism. Rutherford has served as the National Coordinator for Teen Missions and led numerous youth teams from the US to Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. He planted the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Lilongwe where he became a pastor. In 2006, he felt led to start Grace Christian Fellowship Church. He and his wife were ordained as church planters in Florida at Melbourne and upon return to Malawi, the GCFC was started. In August 2008, he was ordained as a Bishop of Grace Christian Fellowship Church of Malawi at SengaBay. Now he oversees over 50 Grace Christian Fellowship Churches in Malawi and in 2014 was appointed to be the chairman of GCF Africa in Zambia.

Rutherford married his wife, Tsahai in 1999, and she oversaw the women's ministry and prayer group of Grace Christian Fellowship of Malawi, as well as coordinating the orphan care program of AfricaHope Malawi. Together, they also started Elizabeth House of Hope in Nsaru which provide safe accommodation for 48 young girls attending secondary education in Nsaru. From 2006 until her death in 2018, Tsahai was a president of Women of Grace/Love and she presided over 100 women in the annual conference every year. Rutherford, along with his son, Chris, continue to work to make sure that Tsahai's ministries and legacy continue on.

Rutherford lives in Area 25 of Lilongwe which provides easy access to the villages. He has two children - Chris; and Chikondi, who is in secondary school.


With New International since 2000

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