Lance and Elizabeth provide agricultural and development training in Zimbabwe.

Serving in:

  • Zimbabwe

Ministry focus:

  • Agricultural Development
with image description Since 2015
Lance & Elizabeth Edwards

Lance provides agricultural and development advice to individual rural farmers, local ministries in Zimbabwe, and missionaries in the African region. Many pastors and leaders of ministries see the need to become sustainable through growing their own food and growing excess to sell, but lack the expertise and knowledge to be successful. Lance helps individuals and ministries to plan what crops will grow well in their area, the water, labor and transport resources needed, and helps them to think through marketing their produce. Lance uses agriculture as a means to build relationships for the purpose of discipleship, helping the small scale farmer to live for Christ in all that they do, particularly in growing and selling quality produce.

George (staff) and student with first cabbages harvested


Lance and Elizabeth practice Foundations for Farming and other innovative methods as they grow vegetables on their property. This has resulted in their property becoming a demonstration and teaching farm.

With New International since 2008

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