Jeff, Indra, Avani, Aniya and Aston Palmer are in New Zealand planting a new independent church - The Vine - and share the love of Christ.

Serving in:

  • New Zealand

Ministry focus:

  • Church Planting/Discipleship
with image description Since 2015
Jeff & Indra Palmer

Mission: New Zealand
To Love. To Serve. To Shine Christ.

In a country with such natural beauty, faithlessness in New Zealand is on the rise. In fact, those who identify themselves with Jesus account for less than 10% of the total population.

In early 2016, The Palmer family was sent nearly 8,000 miles from home to join the Kiwi community to serve, to love, and to share the hope that they have in Jesus Christ. They are currently leading the vision of a new, non-denominational, independent Christian church in North Auckland.

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