David and Brenda are focused on Leadership Development across Europe and Asia.

Serving in:

  • Macedonia

Ministry focus:

  • Leadership Development
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David & Brenda Aderholdt

David and Brenda Aderholdt have been missionaries to Russia, the Balkans, and Europe for the last 24 years. They have planted churches in two of these countries and are now primarily involved in Leadership Development across Europe and Asia. David leads a leadership think-tank called The Leadership Development Group, does executive coaching and leadership development, and teaches in regional seminaries. He holds a Masters degree in Missiology from Canadian Theological Seminary and a doctorate in Leadership from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. 

Growing the church in Macedonia

Brenda is on the leadership team of ANA, the Christian fellowship of women that has been organized with the goal of helping women throughout all of Macedonia to get to know God personally, to learn how to live a fullfilled life for His glory and to serve in the activities of their local churches. In order to reach these goals, we have Biblical courses for discipleship and leadership development, and conferences and seminars.

With New International since 2008

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