CV has been teaching pastors and church leaders at the grass roots level in Asia and Africa since 1990.

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  • Global Ministries

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  • International Teacher
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CV & Judy Elliott

For CV and Judy Elliott, a short term mission to Honduras in 1977 changed the direction of their lives forever. On their third mission a year and a half later, they experienced the confirmation of God's call to vocational missionary service. The Elliott's served with Go InterNational (Wilmore, KY) from 1979 until early 2007, leading mission teams to minister and serve in multiple countries on five continents.

By 1990, teaching pastors and church leaders had become CV's central focus, while Judy continued in ministry with children. His teaching ministry at the grass roots level in Asia and Africa continued when he joined New International in 2007. In 2009, the Elliott's relocated to Florida to work from the Center for Global Outreach.

During his tenure at New International, CV has served as Director of Field Services, Asia Regional Director and Director of Development. In 2014, he returned to teaching as his primary ministry, with most invitations continuing to come from Africa and Asia.

CV helping to inaugurate a school of discipleship in Cambodia

In 2013 CV received an honorary Doctor of Divinity, conferred by the Center for Contemporary Christianity, Bangalore, India, "in recognition of the leadership and contributions made to the cause of Christian Ministry around the world and especially in India, in collaboration with Christian Outreach Uplifting New Tribes (COUNT)." The Elliott's have partnered with COUNT Ministries since 1988.

Judy no longer travels internationally with CV, but continues an active ministry teaching 18-24 month old boys and girls at Foundations Early Learning Center. Married since 1968, the Elliott's have no children of their own, but have spent their lives in ministry to children of all ages.

With New International since 2007

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