Amadeus and Sofia are German nationals ministering in and beyond Berlin to reach the un-churched for Christ.

Serving in:

  • Germany

Ministry focus:

  • Evangelism and Mentoring
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Amadeus & Sofia Vadonis

Amadeus and Sofia are located in Berlin. In the past God's call on their lives was to minister locally in their community by planting a church. After many years of faithful ministry they noticed a shift in how God was using them. He has moved them more and more into the role of coaches and mentors who are on the lookout for people and communities willing and eager to be taught and to be transformed. They have moved forward strategically by passing the local church ministry on to others and by focusing on preaching and teaching the Gospel both in and beyond Berlin. Amadeus and Sofia are building and equipping a new generation of leaders in Europe by pouring themselves into them on a broader scale than ever before.

Amadeus and Sofia are on the search for people like Thomas, the doubting disciple. An encounter with Jesus led Thomas from unbelief to a deep conviction that Jesus is really Lord. The hope of Amadeus and Sofia is that many more will experience that same life changing encounter with Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, most Germans are convinced that God is completely irrelevant to their lives. The pursuit of the Vadonis family is to portray God the way He is - the One you cannot do without in your life. In Jesus Christ he is the Creator, the Redeemer, the Sustainer.

Amadeus and Sofia have four lovely daughters: Lina (2002), Kaija (2004), Nike (2006) and Jule (2009).

With New International since 2002

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