Adam and Kristy serve in Chiang Mai, Thailand with PYF, discipling unparented youth and equipping national youth workers.

Serving in:

  • Thailand

Ministry focus:

  • Global youth ministry
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Adam & Kristy Griffith

Adam grew up in Georgetown, Ohio and Kristy was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Through different experiences in high school they both ended up following God's leading to Bible College - Adam to Cincinnati Christian University and Kristy to Ozark Christian College. Adam got his Bachelor's in Biblical Studies and Kristy received hers in Biblical Studies and Psychology. Adam's passion for global youth ministry and impoverished communities led him to New International and Kristy's heart to take the gospel to nations who hadn't yet experienced the love of Jesus took her there also. Their paths came together and they became part of the same global youth development team under the great Aaron Arnold, who is now a mentor, boss and dearest friend.

Adam and Kristy affiliated with New International in 2008 and are currently working in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Prosperous Youth Foundation (PYF). The PYF team is networking with youth homes and providing them with resources, equipping youth workers, and discipling youth (ages 12-20) living without their parents in the city of Chiang Mai. Many youth come from tribal families who live in mountain villages, hours from schools, so they move to the city for an education while their parents stay in the village to work, often on their farms. There is great need for this kind of ministry—for the youth to have more adult interaction and to be guided and introduced to Christ. The potential outcomes are invaluable: decreased drug use, prostitution, poverty and high school drop-outs and a generation who knows Christ and has hope for the future!

Adam and Kristy met at NMSI and were married April 10, 2010. They have two sons, Aiden and Avery.

With New International since 2008

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