Who Makes Ministry Successful?

All it takes is asking a very humbling question, “Can you help me?”

The body of Christ is the perfect formula. When Jesus ascended into Heaven in Acts 1, and the Holy Spirit was poured into the disciples in Acts 2, it was the best thing that has ever happened besides Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and resurrecting again. The way the church began to grow was astounding! It is proof God knew what He was doing! But what was He doing? We hear countless messages from pastors that the church is the body of Christ; that we all have different roles and parts into making the church flourish. This is so true, and it is one of the many things that I had to learn this summer. 

I’ll admit, I get pretty cocky when playing board games. What can I say but that I like to win! I love strategy games and once I crack the code and learn the strategy, I enjoy playing it until I win! While games bring out my extreme side, it shows me what I also have to deal with in my roles in ministry. I may not be as extreme when serving in ministry, but these struggles of mine are still evident when I don’t delegate responsibility, ask for help or assistance from others, and I keep tasks to myself because I think that I am the only one capable of getting the task done the way I see fit. 

As I planned some of the events this summer, the Lord provided me with many new connections that allowed new people to come and experience what Ends Fishing was all about, to see what our plan was for the future and to understand how they can get involved. Some of these connections paved a way for even more people to get involved. I quickly began to realize that the Holy Spirit was involved in making these events a success and that He was definitely being glorified in them, because I can say without a doubt that it was not because of me that the Bokeelia Fishing Pier event and first annual Ends Fishing Frenzy turned out the way they did. It was ultimately because the body of Christ came together. Through the unique gifts that each person possessed, God was glorified in these events.

I will be continuing to get more involved with ministry, missions, and with Ends Fishing in the future. The only thing that will allow me to grow is if I rely on the body of Christ and the unique, individual gifts everyone possesses. All it takes is asking a very humbling question, “Can you help me?”

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