Trusting His Provision

Team SE Asia

Written by Sophia — Interning Stateside with a business based in SE Asia that focuses on business training for young entrepreneurs 

How has it been a month since I started my internship? I feel like the summer is going by so fast, yet I was reminded today that summer doesn’t “officially” start until June 21st, so I’m telling myself we still have a lot of summer left! 

As I'm meeting with the business leaders in SE Asia, I'm able to get more clarity on my research. I originally started with looking at refugee populations throughout the entire U.S., then to the top 10 states. For those of you who are curious, those are: Texas, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona, Washington, Illinois, and Georgia! Then I looked at the top 20 cities and now top 5 cities. I've continued to narrow that list down to the top five cities that I could potentially visit and continue to research organizations providing support to refugees. I'm writing 1,000 words on the policy landscape and any recommendations at the national level to support creditworthy refugee business owners. 

If any of that last part sounded intimidating to you…that’s how I feel!!

It kind of makes my stomach twist and turn.

While having the chance to contribute to a whitepaper and offer policy recommendations is a wonderful opportunity as an intern, I must confess that I feel a sense of imposter-syndrome and inadequacy for this task. It’s daunting! Lori, the Director of Mobiliztion, encouraged me that this is an opportunity to depend on God and trust in His provision for what I need!


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