His Little Children

Team Tanzania

Written by Kara — Interning in Tanzania

It’s a still, early morning. The sun rose brilliantly with pink and yellow streaking across silky clouds, and it’s a new day at Mavuno. You glance out the window and see several kid racing across the field toward your house, and you prepare to exchange the quiet morning for a bustling sitting room! 

“Hodi!” (“Knock knock!”)

“Karibu!” (“Welcome!”)

And just like that, you have 7-10 watoto (children) shuffling through the books on the shelf reserved for them, sitting on your couch, and laughing at your feeble attempts at Swahili phrases. 

Everyone learns from one another, no matter how old, and the time is both hectic and sweet! Eventually, they leave to go climb the mango trees or help with chores in their homes. You smile and wave as they run off, wondering when they might choose to pop in next. Life in the village is not planned or overly predictable, but it’s warm and welcoming— praise the Lord for the beauty of African skies and His Spirit that is alive in His little children! 


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