The Greatest Show

God has consistently shown that he is a God that cannot be put in a box.

We’ve heard it countless times before: “The Lord works in mysterious ways'', but coming into this internship has really solidified that philosophy for me. Growing up, I was always around the church community that stayed in their lane because they believed that that was where God wanted them to be. However, God has consistently shown that he is a God that cannot be put in a box. He needs to be let out and shared with the world. One example of this was during our Texas scouting trip. I had the opportunity to join the Ends Cycling Director, Justin Hanneken, on a scouting trip for a new cycling tour they plan to do for 2022. Having this opportunity was one thing, but to have them choose me to be the videographer for this trip was another; it was amazing that the organization saw the potential in me and put me in a position where I could show them what I can do when given the chance. Being able to be a part of this 5 person team was incredible! Everyone had something different that they brought to the table and all of us were able to use our specific skills in order to make the trip a success. Because of our specific gifts, we were able to find host churches and map out the entire route. All of this planning is crucial, not only for the cyclist participating, but for the beneficiary of this ride...the youth of southeast Asia. 

Texas scouting trip alongside Jay Carlson and Leah Hardin

 Being a part of this media internship really shows how impactful one person is to an entire ministry; not only do I have the opportunity to work with many New International's affiliates, but I also have the privilege to highlight them and the work God has called them to do. 

One of the ministries I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of is Ends Fishing. Starting a ministry is never easy, especially when people never see your entire vision. But our God is known for making mountains move. Over the summer it has been amazing to see this ministry come from the ground up. Working alongside Peyton (the Ends Fishing intern), a camera and a video editing system, God has grown the outreach of this ministry into something bigger than I could imagine. I am fortunate that I have been able to highlight various fishing events and been able to capture special moments on film. 

This summer has been nothing short of amazing seeing how God can change us if we are ready to walk with him; the incredible joy of seeing ministry in motion never fails to amaze me. The great thing is that we are not done and neither is God. The work will still continue...the show continues to go on; and for myself to say that I had a small part in it is humbling. Ministry is never easy, however, our God is bigger than we could ever imagine and to have a front row seat to the show has been amazing.    

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