Striving To Be Like The Shepherd

Team Middle East

Written by Mikaela - Working in the Middle East

The room smelled like chocolate and you could hear laughter and conversations. 

It started to feel like a huge family as we played Simon says with kids and laughed together over brownies and how they liked them to be slightly squishy. I enjoyed being with them a lot because it felt like we all knew each other for years and wanted to keep conversations going. 

This week as I spent time reading the Bible, one of the stories that stood out to me was the parable of the lost sheep how the shepherd leaves the ninety-nine to look for the one. 

During an activity, I saw a kid by himself. When I asked him if him wanted to play a game, he joined in. That got me thinking about the story of the lost sheep and how we all should be like the Shepard. 

One day we all went to church, and the pastor talked about the story of Jesus asking Simon Peter if he loved him. Simon Peter told him yes he does and Jesus replied, “then feed my sheep”. 

The next day, a kid came in to read, and then we played Uno. He started to tell me about how hard it is for him to make friends because he is a Christian and culture tells them to not be. But he don’t care because he wants to share the gospel and follow Jesus because He saved all of us. 

That stood out to me because if we all truly love God, we need to reach the lost and share the gospel, whether it is in the States or overseas. We are called to share the gospel. I want to be like that and be so in love with God and have others see that in me. 

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