Revival in the Streets

"They want out! This is revival. This is the harvest."

"The sights, sounds, and smells of the sex trade create a memory that is not easily erased. Advancing onto the street, it smells like poverty covered by foreign money. The smells of sewage, garbage, and body odor are coyly masked by intense perfumes. It reeks of deception. These are the conditions that so many girls and women live in every day as they are exploited in the sex trade. Wipe Every Tear Exists to Bring Freedom, Hope, and a Future to Those Trafficked in the Sex Trade." [Written by Wipe Every Tear - The Philippines]

Amidst the deception, chaos, and hurt there is hope. In June, Ends Cycling hosted their first virtual ride to raise awareness, prayer, and partnership for Wipe Every Tear. During the tour, eleven girls decided to follow Christ! Three months later, Wipe Every Tear had received 1,000+ messages from women who expressed a desire to get out of the sex trade!

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