You're An Overcomer

"The stories behind the statistics...that is what makes this a trip I won’t easily forget!"

Participating in her first Ends of the Earth Cycling tour, Bekah Ochs shared her experience as a photographer and support member on the Indiana Bike Ride.

Three miles in, Sunny (the support driver I was riding with) and I noticed our small group of cyclists making their way up a long incline. Sunny pulled halfway up the hill, turned the radio all the way up, and jumped out of the car to cheer on the cyclists.     

“You’re an overcomer”--Mandisa’s words of encouragement could not have come at a better time. 

I’m not ashamed to admit I had tears in my eyes as Sunny began running beside Zan, shouting encouragement and waving a pom-pom. Zan pushed on, a smile on her face.


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