Girl Scouts on the Mission Field

Books impacting literacy and English test scores.

Elijah and Ellen Ombati were looking for a way to have their 1st and 3rd grade daughters get involved in life and ministry in Kenya. They came up with an idea: Girl Scouts.

Serving as the Leader, Ellen provided opportunities for their daughters, Jojo and Bellas, to interact in their community through stories and implementing a take-action project. It was through this Jojo and Bellas were introduced to the idea of a mobile library, a project they knew they could imitate and put into use in their own community! Starting with their own books, the Ombatis began to create boxes of books: A Book Bus. The first two Book Buses were given to the school connected with their church and a long-time teacher friend. As they gathered more books, more Book Buses were put into the rotation.

Now three years later, 15 Book Buses, each with 50 books, are in rotation with 8-10 different schools in the community! Teachers work together to decide when their students have read all the books and when it’s time to exchange for another box. The Book Buses have been more impactful than anyone would have thought. Not only have the students increased their exposure to literature, but their English test scores and literacy have greatly improved! 

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