Hope in Cambodia

She was quiet and had a sweet smile, she laughed if I asked her a question...I would never imagine her story and what God had done in her.

In May of 2017, 26 cyclists and fifteen support staff rode and served through PA, MD, VA, and WV on behalf of the youth in Cambodia and Legacy of Hope International (LOHI). LOHI was founded in 2005 on the belief that all people are created to love, serve, and bring hope to one another. The mission is to assist with community economic development through education and public health initiatives. It is here that our vision of thriving communities experiencing life-empowering education, health, and hope for the future becomes a reality. Bren Journey writes of a story of transformation she has witnessed through LOHI.

Sophia was born to a mother with a serious mental illness. She was abandoned by her mother in a rice field, where her father and relatives found her crying due to lack of nutrients. Sophia’s father tried to find other mothers in the area that could help feed his baby girl. However, due to their poverty these mothers would charge a fee that Sophia’s father could not afford...

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