God Frees You

Our team serving in Australia is off to a great start on the field, but God has been working long before their arrival! Check out Mia's story from her experiences during pre-field orientation and support-raising!

I’m officially in Australia!

This journey has been so crazy yet so wonderful, and I am so excited to see what the rest of the summer holds!

Last week I was in Fort Myers for my field training, and it was an amazing and educational week. I did not know what to expect going into my week at PFO, but I can definitely say that this past week has exceeded any expectations I could have had.

I did not expect to form as many relationships as I did this past week, and it has been amazing getting to know all the interns as well as getting to know my teammates more!

I felt encouraged consistently by all the leaders and how they spoke life over us constantly. There was no place for lies and we needed to reject the lies that the enemy tried to label us with. I felt reaffirmed that I am supposed to be in Australia this summer.

The team flying out after pre-field training.

We had the opportunity this week to spend time with the Lord, and prepare our hearts and minds for the plans the Lord has for us this summer. We all got up at 6am and we spent time in prayer stations which allowed for us to focus our prayers to the Lord in different ways. One way was with a stone dedication where we write a word or prayer for this summer and I wrote something that I felt the Lord was still instilling in me.

While I was in the fundraising phase, and feeling a bit discouraged, the Lord spoke to me and said “Stop Striving” and “Be Still“. As someone who has struggled with control, being still is a struggle for me but once I stopped and let the Lord take control, He did what He does best and moved in mighty ways.

So, when I was praying over my stone I was reminded of the words stop striving. It then became clear what my prayer for the summer was: that I let go and trust that “The Lord Strives for me.

This summer I am going to trust that the Lord will move and I just need to let go and be still. This was reiterated at another prayer station in a new way. At a promise station, we had a card that revealed a promise and the promise that the Lord revealed to me was “God frees you.

At first, I was wondering why the Lord revealed this to me since it had been my prayer for the people of Australia, and I felt like I already knew that freedom. Then the realization came that resting and being still in the Lord was freeing and I needed to trust that freedom of rest and being still.

I cannot wait to see how the Lord works these promises this summer! I have been in Australia for almost 48 hours and I absolutely love it! I know there will be hard days and challenges, but that is ministry and I know the Lord is striving for me.

I am excited to experience more of the culture, food, ministry, and everything else. It is definitely interesting riding on the opposite side of the road, but it’ll be cool to see more cultural differences.

All my hosts have been absolutely wonderful! They are all so sweet, so encouraging, and I know I will learn a lot from them. I am looking forward to getting to know them all more.

Thank y’all so much for supporting me through this journey! I cannot believe I am in Australia and I am so thankful for all the prayers and financial support. Please continue to pray for me and my team as we begin to dive into the ministries we will be working in (the schools and church).

I cannot wait to share more with y’all!


The team and hosts eating pizza on the first night.


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