From the Keys to Africa

They were all united around one common purpose: to see the lives of young people transformed by training the youth workers who serve them.

In March of 2018 a group of 35 cyclists and 17 support staff prayed, pedaled, and served from Fort Myers, FL to Key West for the youth of Africa. The prayers prayed and monies raised went to benefit a youth leader training program hosted by YouthHOPE in Kenya. Rebekah Saum of YouthHOPE shares the incredible results of the training, impacting many people throughout Africa.

I stood in the lobby of the Melili Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya and watched with delight. A 60 year old Zambian and a 20 year old Zimbabwean embraced heartily as if they hadn’t seen each other in years. Three young ladies, all from different countries ran to each other with excitement and quickly made their way to a table to catch up over breakfast...

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