Firm Foundation

Team Middle East

Written by Mikaela - Working in the Middle East


Walking an ancient trail in Jerash

What we get to do is so valuable for growing God’s kingdom. Whether we are helping kids and parents find books, doing activities with kids, or hosting cooking classes - we are growing the Lord’s kingdom by building relationships with those around us. When Jesus shared his parable about sheep, I know that we are to be like him - shepherds looking for the lost sheep to bring them home. There are so many lessons I'm learning here.

A week ago, I was reading in my Bible about how two strands are stronger than one. Recently, we had the local kids come to the library to cook for an activity. But when the kids arrived, we realized that we didn't have anything planned to do as we waited for the food to cook. Because we're stronger together, we were able to work as a team and come up with activities to do that continued to build our relationships with the kids.

Also, this past weekend we had a fun activity with kids to watch the movie UP and make houses with balloons to remind them of the movie. During the movie you see the house start to break as it comes up from the ground into the sky and at the end its foundation is on a rock in Paradise Falls. 

That got me thinking, what is my foundation on? 

Is my foundation broken or is it on Jesus, my creator, who sees me as his daughter? I want to have my foundation on Jesus and continue to build relationships with those around me and reach those lost sheep and bring them home. I want those around me to see something different in me and for God to use me to build his kingdom for his glory! 


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