Encouragement, Excitement, and Experience

Team Germany

Written by Trey & Audrey — Interning in Germany with Open Door Libraries

This past week, we got to meet several of the local German people, as well as many who have traveled to Berlin for different reasons. We have been able to hear various levels of their stories, travels, and walks of faith (or lack thereof). Some of these people have been regulars–believers and unbelievers alike, whereas the majority of those we have met are new to Connections and the work we do. An ER Trauma nurse stopped by while our hosts were out. We learned he was a regular, and had only been a Christian since the end of last year. Yet, after making him coffee, we got to sit down and talk with him for quite some time. It was beautiful and refreshing to hear a young (in terms of both age and faith) German’s perspective on life. As a young Christian in such a secular world, he finds it easy to become discouraged by what he sees. Yet, as Paul told Timothy, our friend is reminded to be strong in his faith and to continue his work in such a world (2 Tim 2:1-2). Our conversations with him continue to be a great encouragement as we continue to grow and learn together in community and fellowship as believers.

We have been able to interact with a number of churches so far–including one that meets at Connections. A small, yet intimate group, they have shown us a great deal of how non-Americans (some are German, others come from various places around the world) worship God. They are all in for being used by Christ. They are used to providing translators, sharing meals together, regularly praying for each other and for the people in their lives, and actively participate in reaching out to the broken and lost around them via ministry outreaches. It has shown us that Christians in Germany are very intentional in what they do and believe. When they commit themselves to Christ, they have a good idea of what it means to witness wherever they find themselves.

This past week has also been a big sight-seeing week. It has been good to study the history of the people we have been sent to. For instance, we had the opportunity to see part of the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie. Through this, we were able to learn a bit about life under Communist rule. There are many within Germany who still feel the weight of their history, which encourages us to continue learning how to best engage and serve them. Through this experience, there were moments of somber remembrance, yet also times of giving thanks to God for his redemption, mercy, and grace. God is guiding and teaching us throughout this internship in Germany. It is our prayer to have the posture of humble learners who desire to communicate Christ’s light and love in a dark place.

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