Australia Field Update 2

What's it like to serve and lead in Australia?

Hey everyone!

We have now been here in Australia for over two weeks and it has been a pretty amazing time for everyone on the team. Allow me (Alex) to share with you all parts of our journey and the ways in which God has been working here in Australia!

Playing board games with the other young adults

Now that we have been here for a couple weeks we are now beginning to feel settled. We have been going on cultural excursions, trying Aussie foods, and trying to immerse ourselves as much as we can into Australia and truly do things the Aussie way! From my personal point of view, it has been truly amazing to reconnect with the culture and people. I am reminded of why I fell in love with this country and the people who call the Land Down Under home. As a team leader, it has been truly incredible to watch my team interact with Australia as they begin to experience the joys and challenges that living and doing ministry in Australia brings. I am super excited to continue to see how they are challenged and grow as they continue to interact with the Aussie culture!

This week we have also had the opportunity to start to dive into the ministry here. We have been volunteering heavily in the public schools here. Serving in the public schools here is a unique opportunity to do ministry as we aid the teachers in the classrooms, serve breakfast to the students in brekkie club, help out in recess, and even teach scripture in the public schools! In doing these things we not only seek to be a blessing to the schools, but we can also be a light for the students, many of whom don’t know the story of Jesus!

Our team exploring Newcastle Beach

We have also begun to do more and more at Northlakes Christian Church. We are seeking to build relationships here and connecting with the community at Northlakes in addition to serving in the ministry of the church itself. As we build these relationships, we can better serve them by knowing their needs and encourage their walk with Christ. Also, they are lovely people and among the kindest that I have met where forming these relationships are one of the greatest joys in my life!

All in all, it’s so great to begin to dive into the culture and ministry here and I am super excited to continue to see how God is going to work here. Until next time…


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