A Thirst For Change

"Nowadays in the community nobody wants to drink water that is not from the filter. They borrow water from those who have filters."

Lauren Trepanier, working in Kenya, praises God for the strong community acceptance of water filters being tested among the Maasai.

What does your home look like? What within your home inspires life and health and growth? All across the globe, homes look different, but they're all meant to create a warm place where families can thrive. Clean drinking water combined with appropriate sanitation and hygiene help create those healthy environments. There are so many aspects that go into a warm and welcoming home. Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene are just a few of these. They are important aspects, though, and I think it's just amazing to think about how our work empowers transformation within the home.

What is so incredibly beautiful about this is, the Gospel speaks to us about our heavenly home, that we have been adopted and accepted into a forever home where there is no more disease or illness. I think it's just amazing that God can use our work to not only facilitate healthier homes globally but to point us to Himself and to our heavenly home!

After months of capacity building through Aqua Clara Kenya's community health club education program, 40 water filters were distributed among health club participants to get a sense of community acceptance of this water technology before broader distribution. I am SO encouraged by this report from Africa Hope staff in Kenya! The fact that community members are borrowing from each other and won't drink water that is not from the filter shows not only the community acceptance of the technology but also the demand for the clean water that is coming out on the other side! This is very encouraging to know how all our efforts are already impacting health and improving lives. It also shows a hunger and desire for even more change! And what is so significant in this is that this desire and thirst for change is coming from the community members themselves! Praise the Lord! Currently, only 40 community members are conducting a test run of the filters to get a feel for how the technology is functioning in the communities, if there are any modifications that need to be made, and how it fits in with their lifestyle. As we follow up with the communities, we are thinking and praying hard about what will be the next steps forward.

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