A Part of Us All Along

Today, we have a new name, but the same heart to proclaim Christ and make disciples globally.

1989. It was the end of a decade marked by shoulder pads, MC Hammer pants, 80’s hair bands, and Madonna being a material girl. Personal computers had not yet become a common household item; life moved a bit slower; the Berlin wall came down. It was also the year that New Mission Systems International was founded, born out of one family’s dream to assist Russian pastors in planting churches and discipling new believers.

Things have changed a lot since then. Fashion got better, for the most part. And so did music. The Internet became a thing, 9/11 changed the way we do airport security, and the world has shown its need for Jesus over and over again.

Also over the last 30 years, as we’ve leaned into what God is calling us to do; He has faithfully given us new passion and insight to reach new communities with the Good News of Christ, bringing new light to hearts that have previously been lost. We’ve grown to hundreds of missionaries living out the gospel message in over 40 countries around the globe, touching thousands of individuals’ lives with the love of Christ. Ministries have grown exponentially, spanning from agriculture, to child sponsorship, to web and digital media, to hosting Christ-centered cycling events that promote and resource global youth ministry.

God continues to lead us and transform us to reach and bless more people.

Over the last few months, after surveying our missionaries, we went through an extensive rebranding and renaming process. We heard concerns from affiliates about the name NMSI being hard to say, hard to remember, hard to explain, and unsafe in sensitive access areas. Not every country welcomes groups with the word “Mission” in their name. We reflected on the special significance and meaning of the name NMSI. We researched, considered, and weighed many different name options.

As it turned out, the best option was a part of us all along.

Today, we have a new name, but the same heart to proclaim Christ and make disciples globally.

Today, we are New International.

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