Fellowship with Mansoa Bible graduates

Nine years ago, Wade & Katie McHargue started, by God's grace, a Bible Training Center of the Elijah Generation in Mansoa, Guinea Bissau, Africa. Guinea Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world and a dangerous place as well. Each year, a class of young men come from surrounding villages and towns and go through a three-month discipleship training school, which is a super-intensive time. They are taught directly by Pastor Lalas Ca, a dear brother, who we spent time with each day.

We learned of this 9th-annual class, during our 2017 South Dakota Bike Ride - which was on their behalf. Over the five days of that bike ride, we raised funds for them, prayed for them and believed for the day we could fellowship together. This day finally came! The final three days of their training was spent together with us - learning from each other, praying, worshiping, sharing communion - and going out to evangelize together.
During that time, we saw God heal the sick and several set free from demonic oppression. Then, we got to be part of their graduation ceremony - a special time of worship and celebration! More than 250 people attended from their families, more than two dozen former students, as well as people from the villages.
The Lord opened the door for us to share the Gospel at the graduation ceremony, which was a surprise and a blessing. Later, Wade told us - this was the first time that Americans had ever been in attendance at one of the graduation ceremonies, which almost always take place the first Saturday of October. The national radio station even showed up to record part of the program. To God be the Glory.

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