We invite you to experience the joy of volunteering at our Center for Global Outreach located in Fort Myers, FL.


Your individual skills, interests and knowledge are matched to tasks and projects that contribute to sharing Christ and making disciples globally. These are investments with eternal dividends!

Satisfy your yearning for greater fulfillment through giving of yourself for the sake of others. An act of kindness, no matter how small, is never forgotten. We utilize individual volunteers as well as short-term teams from youth groups or churches. So, you choose the time, we will help you pick the role.


These are some ways volunteers have helped in the past:

  • Individuals give a couple of hours a month to one day a week serving in our finance department, reception area or media services.
  • Youth groups and church work teams have painted houses, helped building and renovating houses, completed landscaping projects, and cleaned up around our campus.
  • Remotely individuals assisted our communications department in publications editing, video storytelling and coordinating prayer.

Volunteer Testimonial

"I began volunteering in 2009. Why I stay is the people. I have never volunteered at a place where I feel as valued as I do at New International. I have been humbled and honored to meet and interact with very loving, honest, godly people who share their lives and struggles openly as well as their faith in God that sees them through. God has used this experience to open me to His heart for the world which is reflected in the hearts of New International affiliates."

— Nancy Metz

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Contact us and find out how you can make a difference by volunteering at the CGO.