Sewing Department Assistant Manager / Wheelchair Project / Thailand


Responsibility Overview:  The Sewing Deparment Assistant Director is responsible for creating seatbelts, harnesses, repairing/upholstering wheelchairs, and producing other essential accessories such as cushions, leg straps, and wheelchair bags.

As a Sewing Department Assistant Manager, you will also have the opportunity to work in other areas of the Wheelchair Project, allowing you to explore your interests and develop your skills. Additionally, you will be offered travel opportunities to Thailand and Southeast Asia during distributions.

This position is designed to train you for eventual leadership of the sewing department. Therefore, we are seeking applicants who can commit to this role for a minimum of three years. While extensive sewing experience is not required, you should possess basic sewing skills and be familiar with different sewing machines and fabric types. Strong interpersonal and management abilities are crucial to excel in this role, as you will manage the monthly budget, explore process improvements, and oversee a team within the department.


  • Operational budget

  • Flexible schedule

  • Independence

  • Freedom to explore interests and ideas

  • Team management opportunities


  • Commitment of at least 3 years

  • Passion for helping disadvantaged individuals Ideal Skills:

  • Strong organizational abilities

  • Effective people management

  • Familiarity with tools and mechanical environments

  • Knowledge of wheelchairs and assistive technology

  • Motivated to improve existing systems and promote growth

Join our team and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals in need by becoming the Sewing Department Assistant Manager and contribute to the Wheelchair Project's mission of enhancing mobility and support for patients.


We are seeking a dedicated individual to join our team in Thailand at the Wheelchair Project as a Sewing Department Assistant Manager to play a crucial part in overseeing the work and activities of our sewing department. The sewing department is a vibrant area within the Wheelchair Project, responsible for crafting various accessories used in fitting wheelchairs for patients.

  • Type of Service: Community Transformation
  • Length of Service: Career Missions 3+ Years
  • Region: Thailand

Cost & Dates

Dates: Immediate Openings
Cost: TBD

Salary will be self-funded and will be determined depending on location and need. Your financial support will be developed by building your Prayer & Provision Team (we teach you how to do this). 


For quesitons or more information, contact Joey.


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