Regional Liaison for YouthHOPE /FL



Regional Liaisons ensure that global relationships are developed and managed effectively for sustained and increased accomplishment of YouthHOPE’s mission of partnering to bring youth “a hope and a future.” Regional Liaisons are uniquely gifted and willing to employ their individual skills to supplement and enhance the effectiveness of the team.



· Strategic support and development of partner relationships

· Collect and record partner and region-specific information to inform teaminformation system

· Cultivate good relationships within NI, especially NI’s regional director for one’s YH region


· Coordinate regional event logistics, hospitality, and follow up

· Participate in YH programs as a trainer - primarily overseas

· Strategic site visits - primarily overseas

· Recruitment efforts - primarily stateside


· Demonstrable passion for and experience with youth, youth ministry, and building strong relationships in general.

· Demonstrable passion for and experience building strong relationships with people

· 3 year commitment is ideal

· Travel approximately 8 weeks per year

· Live out the YH Culture Code

· Educate potential partners about the benefits of YH programs and services strategies

· Maintain records of relationship activities and projects using CRM and other


· Collaborate with team members

· Faithful and diligent to ensure that team information management systems are effective

· Strong written and oral communication skills including cross-cultural communication

· Creative and persistent problem solver to accomplish goals when situations aren’t ideal or convenient

· Tactful and mature demeanor with well developed interpersonal skills including cultural sensitivity and the ability to work well with diverse personalities.

· Build rapport and credibility with youth and youth workers, especially cross-culturally

· Advocate strongly for those in one’s care

· Energy, empathy, and compassion for building strong relationships, seeking good for people, and growing relational networks

· Self-starting, highly motivated, proactive, and goal-oriented

· Manage time effectively for maximum productivity

· Use and understand common modern software and technology

· Aptitude for learning new programs and adapting to new technology



Do you desire for global youth to have an adult in their life who believes in them and leads them closer to Jesus? Are you passionate about the development and care for global youth workers and leaders as they pour into the lives of youth in their context? Do you have a heart to make disciples who make disciples? Then consider joining us at YouthHOPE as we are working to make these things happen!

  • Type of Service: Missions Mobilization & Support
  • Length of Service: Career Missions 3+ Years
  • Region: USA

Cost & Dates

Dates: Immediate Opening
Cost: TBD

All youthHOPE workers are self supported and receive help in partnership development.  Salaries to be determine at affiliation mindful of candidates needs.


Questions or needing more informaiton, contact Dale Puckett, YouthHOPE's Director of Partnerships at


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