Prague 2022


Have you ever wondered how a library could be used to share the love of Jesus? Come to Prague and serve at the Crossroads Center alongside our missionaries as they build relationships in the community through providing access to Christian resources, teaching English, hosting lecture series and offering various children's programs.  Interns will spend time helping process books, doing data entry, organizing book sales and preparing children's programs. In addition they will have the opportunity to assist with final preparations (cleaning, painting, moving books) for the new expansion which includes a cafe.  


  • Type of Service:
  • Length of Service: Under 6 Months
  • Region:

Cost & Dates

Dates: May 23rd, 2022 - July 29th, 2022*
Cost: $7300.00

All costs will include:

  • International airfare**
  • All lodging and food
  • Travel insurance
  • Pre-field training and post-field debrief
  • Visa acquisition
  • Contingencies
  • Supplies

*Dates are subject to change in the event of a necessary extension to accommodate a mandatory quarantine upon returning to the U.S.

**We have estimated the cost of international airfare. Additionally, we have estimated applicable costs that are currently associated with COVID-19 and this internship. In the event of airfare increases or changes affecting COVID-19 protocol, interns may be responsible for raising additional funds.



Click here to apply for Prague 2022 (By 2021-12-31)