Metal Working Department Manager / Wheelchair Project / Thailand



  • Lead the welding department and collaborate with the team to execute projects for the Wheelchair Project.

  • Undertake repair, alteration, and fabrication tasks related to wheelchairs and mobility accessories, such as headrests, footrests, walkers, frames, and more.

  • Contribute to infrastructure upgrades for the Wheelchair Project, including the creation of shelving units, storage solutions, and tables.

  • Plan projects, establish timelines, delegate tasks, and leverage external expertise when required to ensure project completion.

  • Encourage self-directed projects and experimentation to develop innovative solutions and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Prioritize the safety and well-being of your team, including training and authorization for handling machinery in the metalworking department.

  • Maintain flexible working hours, ensuring high productivity and adherence to project deadlines.

  • Manage the department's budget, including procurement of tools, materials, and outsourcing requirements.

  • Embrace diverse areas of interest within the organization, such as patient-focused work, sewing, media, etc., while ensuring ongoing projects are effectively supervised.

  • Seize frequent opportunities for travel and participation in wheelchair distribution events, with travel expenses fully covered.


  • Generous operational budget to support your department's needs.

  • Flexible schedule that accommodates work-life balance.

  • Travel expenses covered for participation in wheelchair distribution events.

  • Ample vacation time to rejuvenate and pursue personal interests.

  • Opportunity to oversee and lead a dedicated team.


  • Proficiency in TIG/MIG/Arc welding techniques.

  • Prior experience working in a metalworking environment.

  • Willingness to commit to a minimum of 3 years of service (excluding unforeseen circumstances).

  • Deep sense of compassion and dedication to serving others.

Ideal Skills:

  • Strong team management capabilities, ensuring a cohesive and motivated workforce.

  • Highly organized with the ability to plan and prioritize effectively.

  • A creative problem solver, adept at finding innovative solutions to challenges.

Don't miss this chance to utilize your metalworking skills and contribute to a transformative cause as our Metal Working Department Manager and be part of a dynamic team dedicated to improving mobility and enhancing lives.


We are seeking a Metal Working Department Manager for the Wheelchair Project to lead a team of skilled professionals, oversee projects, and contribute to the enhancement of our vital initiatives to execute projects for the Wheelchair Project.

  • Type of Service: Community Transformation
  • Length of Service: Career Missions 3+ Years
  • Region: Thailand

Cost & Dates

Dates: Immediate Openings
Cost: TBD

Salary will be self-funded and will be determined depending on location and need. Your financial support will be developed by building your Prayer and Provision Team (we teach you how to do this). 


For quesitons or more information, contact Joey.


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